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  1. I was interested reading your site – My age group mainly have rarely exhibited much antagonism towards other races, indeed been aware some words are derogatory. Or knew the difference between coloured or black!! I, at 72yrs inherited a copy of Famous American Coon, Lullaby and Plantation Songs, Book 2. This book contains ten songs/music scores: My Lady Lu; Mammy’s Little Kinky-Headed Honey + eight more. Origin: Herman Darewski Music Publishing Co. Incorporating Charles Sheard & Co. London WC2 Price: One Shilling!
    Geoff & Joy Warr, London

  2. Thanks for your feedback, guys. As mentioned in my book, America’s Gift, the term ‘coon’ started life as a positive African-American description for black people respected in their communities. Only in the 1880s did it start to become offensive, due to the popularity of coon songs, written by both black and white songwriters. Your inherited song book sounds fascinating.

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