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  1. "Mr. Handy wrote the now world-famous 'Memphis Blues'" — _The Crisis_, 11/1915. "'The St. Louis Blues' took even longer to catch on with the general public [in the 1910s] than did 'The Memphis Blues'…. Although 'Memphis Blues'… remained popular [in the 1920s], 'St. Louis Blues' was beginning to move out front…." –_Lost Sounds_ by Tim Brooks.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Joseph. You'll see that the post you refer to, "The song that introduced blues to the world", does say that Handy's 'The Memphis Blues' was the first blues ever recorded, in 1914. Elsewhere on my blog (and in my book, 'How Blues Evolved') I reiterate many times that The Memphis Blues was the third of three blues published in 1912. These were the first three songs named, published and marketed specifically as blues.'The St. Louis Blues' was first published in 1914, two years after The Memphis Blues. It was recorded in the USA in 1915 but not released.

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