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  1. I saw Dylan play in Portland, Oregon with Barry McGuire opening for him. There were protestors outside because Bob had gone electric. It was my first concert. I don’t know how was in the band, but it got me hooked on music. My family moved to London in 1966 and I saw many concerts at a truly magical time in London up to the Stones concert in Hyde Park.

    I was just listening to Paul Butterfield’s first album with Bloomfield, Elvin Jones and it still get my mojo workin’. Hard to believe it was recorded in 1964.

    1. Barry McGuire, he’s the Eve of Destruction guy if my memory serves me right, Larry. “Wussies and pussies,” Dylan called the protestors and I totally agree with him. We shared much magic in London during those times, didn’t we.

  2. Bloomfield with Dylan. I want to learn; and listen. Please send me whatever you can!
    ASAP. David in New Zealand

    1. That’s the only post I have on Bloomfield and Dylan, David, but since Dylan absorbed heaps of old blues, should fill quite a few blanks for free. For the full picture, may I suggest you get America’s Gift, the untold story of how blues evolved, from Amazon at

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