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  1. Wow what an interesting article Paul … How lucky were you getting to test drive that Citroen Maserati and how crazy that collab is , it reminds me of the Lotus Carlton a collaboration between Lotus and Vauxhall when they made the very rare and very beautiful Lotus Carlton a far smarter car imo and still one of my fave saloons ever made . Cheech and Chong had one of the Citeron Masseratis each ! haha !Its probably because they were so stoned all the time they needed a proper comfy motor … good choice but as expensive as a Ferrari Daytona wow you would have to love one to pay that much….

  2. Thanks for you feedback, Ade. I wasn’t aware of the Lotus Carlton until you enlightened me. I see a 1993 model is worth about £55,000. A true collectors’ car then.

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