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    1. Great biographical piece on a wonderful musician. Carlos is talented and modest in equal measure and deserves a far wider audience than the few who love his creativity and gutsy soundstage. A true man of the people who plays fine rock for all discerning listeners.

    2. carlos wilde what can you say ,well rather alot really but if you just listen to his music it will tell you eveything you need to know- carlos wilde is an exceptionally talented singer/ songwriter .so stop reading right now and start listening . you will be so glad you did

  1. Awesome! Had Carlos guest on my radio show a while back and always pleased to play his new stuff – so I’m delighted to see him getting the recognition he deserves!

  2. A great musician and humble man But i guess that’s what it takes to be an outstanding musician. Thanks for the insight on Carlos!

  3. Very nice information about Carlos. I’ve enjoyed his great music for a very long time and appreciate knowing some of the details of his history in music.

    Awesome article, full of information and well deserved!

  4. I didnot know Carlos was living in the Netherlands , i know Herman Brood very well he was a great performer . Also Carlos is a great guitarist , i love guitar music because my son Robert is a guitarist too

    1. Thanks very much, Diana – I lived there for a while in my teens – Utrecth, Laren and A’dam. Yes, Herman was great – Thanks for the kind words – Wishing you and your son the very best!

  5. Knowing Carlos as an educator, I can vouch for his unique teaching qualities and unrivaled success. His communicative acumen flows from the classroom to the recording studio, transforming his deepest concerns into music of multiple genres. Punk rock has always mirrored his inner energy and these lines pay laudable homage to that particular part of his musical journey. Great blog and portrait of the educational rock star Carlos Wilde.

  6. Excellent article about a long time friend and musical colleague. Carlos really surprised me with ‘Problem Solving’ (his latest release). I love the energy and the angst that comes from these tracks. A must-buy for any Unsigned/Indie music collector!

  7. Carlos is a very talented singer, songwriter and musician who can draw from a variety of influences and genres and create exciting, emotional, and truly infectious songs that everyone can identify with. Sincere, honest, and down to earth observations are the cornerstone of Carlos’ never-ending creativity. He never ceases to amaze and excite me. I love what I’ve heard off the new album and am anxious to hear more. A true artist in every aspect of the word!!

  8. Carlos Wilde is an amazing, eclectic artist who combines an array of influences and genres to create music that is both accessible and infectious. He never ceases to surprise me, and never disappoints. I’ve loved what I’ve heard off this new project and am anxious to hear more. A true artist in every sense of the word!!

  9. I follow Carlos Wild music in internet..on his musical pages.. for years..and admire his talent and his passion to music of course!

  10. Carlos Wilde is an amazing musician. His latest project is certainly a testimony to that. Infusing the great energy and raw emotion of punk with a nice polish of his virtuoso guitar skills. Amazing writing and passion. Thank you for shining the light on this outstanding artist, in this wonderful and well-written article.

  11. I love the way Carlos brings his own unique sound to music that is all his. This is just another great collection of his work. Well done Carlos

  12. Excellent article about a really lovely guy and grreat musician. Its always nice to learn about peoples journey in life.

  13. From the moment that guitar starts up you know it’s Carlos, he has a distinct sound all of his own, plus he comes without ego, is one of the nicest guys, and is always supporting others on social media, an enjoyable read and well deserved review. Keep on Keepin On Carlos

  14. Impressive music formation and path!

    Awesome ballad “When Your Sun Sleeps”. I like His voice.

    I’ll definitely check out for more music of Carlos.

  15. An interesting and enjoyable writing about an outstanding musician. All the many wonderful things said about Carlos and his music are well deserved….when I first heard Carlos’ music , it was clear that he puts his heart into his playing and music writing….that, to me, is what makes him so special as a musician …once you hear one of Carlos’ songs, you will definitely want to hear more !

    1. Great to hear you liked the article, Mary, and enjoy Carlos’ music. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  16. So now I have to think about my english before I write on Twitter?! Nice blog, I didn’t know most of the stuff!

  17. Great piece on a fine musician!!! I’ve enjoyed reading up on him and This is well done … much respect to Carlos and the music he creates and shares with us all … cheers

    1. Oops – damn typos – Sorry, Tom – here it is typo-free – lol

      Thank you very much, Tom – Appreciate you taking the time to stop by and your great feedback!

  18. Really enjoyable article on a nice guy and highly talented musician. I’ve been listening to his work for a good few years now. Keep on rocking Carlos!

  19. I enjoyed this really great article on Musician Carlos Wilde. Interesting about his background as a teacher too. As well a great artist as songwriter, he has always been supportive and encouraging to me and others.

    Definitely recommend you check him out and he also has some beautiful videos on YouTube .

  20. I love your videos and music! I love the fact that you are a teacher and are able to have a better relationship with music because of it. It validates how I feel being a teacher and writing. Thank you for the inspiration and validation!

  21. I’m a newcomer to the fandom of Carlos Wilde. I almost literally stumbled across Carlos and his work when he followed me on Twitter ( @melodeeaaron ) and I followed him back. He sent me a link to a few of his songs. After a couple of “listens”, I was hooked. Yes, the word “listens” is indeed in quotes. Let me tell you why…

    I have been deaf since birth. No, not hard of hearing and need to wear hearing aids. I’m totally 100% stone cold deaf. What the doctors call “Profoundly Deaf”. I had a specialist tell me once that I have, effectively, no ears at all. You could fire a gun behind me and other than the shock wave, I’d never know you did it. And, fellow Carlos fans, it is that shock wave that is important.

    I can feel music. Sometimes I can pick up vibrations through the air, others I can feel them through objects. I have a device called a Bone Phone that is not much more than a speaker that hangs around my neck to rest on my shoulders and chest. I can get the vibrations that way, and that is the system I used to “listen” to Carlos’ music. I can “hear” each note. With that system plus a rather sophisticated captioning system, I can “hear” the words.

    Am I missing things? Sure…subtle key shifts, the sound of the fingers of the guitar player sliding up and down the strings, delicate vocal intonations. Those are but a few. But I can–and do–enjoy music.

    Add to my deafness the fact that I know jack shit about music. The closest I get to playing an instrument is running my MP3 player. And trust me…you do NOT want to hear me sing!

    But I do know what I like.

    And I like the music made by Carlos Wilde.

    To me, there is a unique blend of old, new, and futuristic qualities. The hard punch of metal and the Big Hair guitar bands is there. The tight melodies of Classic Rock and the soft sway of Olde Time Country are in there. The rapid shifts of contemporary music floats around. And for reason I can’t put into words because of my lack of musical education I can “hear” a little of Tangerine Dream and Emerson. Lake, and Palmer in the mix giving me a promise of a bright musical future.

    There is only one area where I actually envy those with normal hearing: Listening to music.

    But thanks to talented artists like Carlos, I can still enjoy music.

    Keep Loving!


    1. Truly uplifting feedback, Melodee, beautifully written. You may be “stone cold deaf” but you certainly know your hot rock. ELP! Now, that’s a blast from the past.

      1. Thanks, Paul!

        As I recall, ELP released “Lucky Man” the year before I was born, but it’s still on my top-ten favorite songs list.

        Try this sometime if you want an amazing experience…

        Get your two biggest speakers. Sit between them and turn the volume up so far you break the knob off. Put in good earplugs. Play “Lucky Man” as you rest your fingertips on the speaker cones, about midway between the dome and foam edge.

        When the synthesizer riff (not sure if that’s the technically correct term or not!) hits, your entire body will shake in harmony!

        Keep Loving!


    2. I’m speechless, Melodee – You have made my day – don’t really know what to day except that I am honoured that in some way I can make your world a bit more musical. Much love!

      1. Carlos, it is music and musicians that make life better for me.

        I’ve written and published more than 500 novels, 750 shorter works, and God knows how many magazine stories over the years under many pen names and in pretty much every genre you can imagine. But they all share one very important thing in common…

        They have all, to one degree or another, been inspired by songs.

        It is I who owe you, and all the musicians out there, thanks.

        Keep Loving!


        1. That’s amazing – You have been busy, my friend. Versatility is a great thing to have on your side – Glad to hear you have put that gift to good use. Hope you keep delivering the goods. All the best, Melodee

    1. That’s the unfair world we live in, Jimmy. So many great artists fall through the cracks. But you never know, the world might discover Carlos yet.

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