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  1. Hi Paul, Randy Resnick here, I was pleased to see and interact with you on Twitter. Thank you for writing this, I am indeed still alive and still active! Last I talked to John Mayall, he was going out on tour again this year or next, with a great new guitarist.

    1. Randy, are you out there?
      I think all my contact info for you is obsolete, so maybe you’ll see this.
      Hope you’re well and hey, Santa Barbara is beautiful in August you know!

  2. Another great, well-informed and incisive piece of writing Paul. I like the way you so effortlessly get to the nub of a music style, and – in this article – the way you link Randy’s guitar and the saxophone playing of John Coltrane, perceptively identifying the natural kinship the two enjoy as solo instruments. It’s a pity that more guitarists don’t seem to understand how jazz sax informed modern guitar playing – and you’ve done a great job in highlighting this. Cheers! John.

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