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  1. Hi, this is very interesting and I have ordered a copy from Amazon. However, you may want to edit your post, as the title you cite is different from that on, where it is shown as “America’s Gift: The Story of the Evolution of the Blues” (even though the cover clearly shows the version used in your post. I mention this because I couldn’t at first find the book when I copied an pasted from the post.

    1. Many thanks for ordering the book, Pete. For some reason Amazon took it upon themselves to change the America’s Gift subhead and I can’t get them to match it to the cover. After your comment, I’ll certainly give it another try. And, yes, I often have trouble finding America’s Gift on Amazon’s UK site although it’s easy enough to find on Amazon USA. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  2. Dear Mr Merry,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your writings!
    Very informative about the early Chicago days in the jazz world. I Thank you so much!
    Ida Melrose. (daughter of Frank Melrose)

    1. Many thanks, Andy. Note: Andy’s Sam Spade and the Gravediggers were a sensational old-style R&B band during the 1960s.

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