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  1. I remember as a young teen in the UK (69 to 71), a series of books titled ‘Rugby Songs’ or something similar. Many of them I still remember, almost word for word.
    What brought me here today, was a search for the lyrics, of one I believe was called ‘Messing about on the river’. The only line that comes to mind some 50 years later was
    “Some runt in a punt
    Stuck his pole in her. . . etc.
    Just messing about on the river”
    Is this one you’ve come across at all.

    1. The rugby song you’re trying to remember is possibly ‘Pissing About On The River’ a parody of a 1962-ish song by Tony Hatch (of Crossroads fame) called ‘Messing About on the River’ recorded by Josh Macrae (and Max Bygraves). There were other parodies like Messing Around With My Liver.

      1. I think you are right. I’m still no closer to finding all the verses I don’t remember though.
        Thanks, Hugh

  2. i can´t remember the lyrics of nell the cripple, i know it started

    Nelly the cripple had only one nipple to feed the baby on

  3. I remember the town drunk singing bye bye black bird.
    One line I remember was:
    Put your ass on the wall
    For he I come balls and all.

    1. On old favourite, David. You’re doing better than me. I don’t think I could remember any verses off-the-cuff anymore.

  4. Very interesting and entertaining Paul. I still sign some of the old Rugby songs to myself in the shower.

  5. Certainly not filthier, but the blues riff that stuck with me as a youngster was:
    My baby’s got a stinger (just?) as long as his arm,
    And when my baby stings me it don’t do me no harm!

    Sting me baby sting me
    Just as long as you can.
    Sting me baby sting me
    Let me know you’re my man!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Scott. That’s a line from James Moore’s (aka Slim Harpo) 1957 Louisiana blues song, I’m A King Bee. The Stones famously recorded it in 1964 (as did Pink Floyd) but left out the offending line. However, the Doors kept it in when they recorded it.

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