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  1. Maybe the Author saw a different show than I and everyone ELSE saw ….
    But it’s true: JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES (BOBBY BYRD, BOBBY BENNETT, and LLOYD STALLWORTH) totally DESTROYED The Rolling Stones. That’s just a FACT, and Jagger can say whatever he wants to, or make all the excuses he can think of…but the camera doesn’t lie. It doesn’t matter if The Stones had come on an hour later…or a week later. Anybody who has the DVD,and can see it from THAT standpoint, perceives that the two acts came on one after the other…so direct comparisons are INEVITABLE.And the result is clear: JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES STOLE THE SHOW. Another myth to correct: JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES were a VOCAL GROUP…with no instrumental members. This misconception has persisted for over 50 years…and needs to be corrected. James Brown’s instrumentalists were part of a COMPLETELY SEPARATE ENTITY known as THE JAMES BROWN BAND (later known as The J.B’s) They were NOT Famous Flames. The Famous Flames were: JAMES BROWN, BOBBY BYRD, BOBBY BENNETT, and LLOYD STALLWORTH. THAT’S IT. NO BANDMEMBERS. James Brown verified this in a 1982 appearance of the David Letterman Show….and that interview is on YouTube for everyone to see.
    When I interviewed Famous Flame BOBBY BENNETT for GOLDMINE Magazine in 2012,at the time of The Famous Flames’induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…as a correction to James Brown’s 1986 solo induction, he made this clear, when he told me something that , as a fan, I had already known. He said, and I quote: “”I want (people) to know one thing,” replied Bennett. “We were the Famous Flames… James Brown was a Famous Flame, Bobby Byrd was a Famous Flame, Lloyd Stallworth was a Famous Flame and Bobby Bennett was a Famous Flame…wherever we played, we were the Famous Flames. We were never the band, NEVER. We were the 3 guys who danced (and sang) with him and the 3 guys who performed with him at every concert. WE WERE NOT NO ‘BAND’. You can’t get any clearer than that.
    Bill Gordon

    Site Administrator for

    The Famous Flames’Facebook Page.







      1. You’re welcome , Paul.

        Actually, I have personally, spent some 12 years trying to correct this misconception…about this “Famous Flames are JB’S band” nonsense. I have made these corrections on Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Goldmine Magazine, Rolling Stone, and on other websites…and FINALLY my efforts are beginning to get results. People are FINALLY beginning to credit THE FAMOUS FLAMES for being the great VOCAL GROUP that they WERE. My only regret is that ALL of The FAMOUS FLAMES (Bobby Byrd, Lloyd Stallworth, Bobby Bennett, and Johnny Terry ) were not alive to receive their well-deserved CREDIT…instead of Bennett ALONE. At LEAST Bobby Bennett was still alive to accept induction for The Famous Flames into the 2012 Class of The ROCK and ROLL HALL of FAME…and to see the efforts he made during his life FINALLY begin to bear fruit . Thanks for letting me post my comment !!

        For more information about THE FAMOUS FLAMES…please visit their Official FACEBOOK Page:

        Smokey Robinson , whose legendary singing group THE MIRACLES, once said: “If JAMES BROWN was “the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business…
        THE FAMOUS FLAMES were The Hardest-Working GROUP !!”

        1. My pleasure, Bill. Your comments are most welcome.

          So glad to hear more people are becoming aware of your efforts to tell the truth about The Famous Flames. I hope these pages can play a small part in directing FF fans to the relevant websites you have provided.

  2. “The FLAMES was A SINGING GROUP. The BAND are The JB’s. – James Brown to David Letterman- 1982. Here’s the LINK:

    THE FAMOUS FLAMES: (L-to-R) BOBBY BENNETT, LLOYD STALLWORTH, BOBBY BYRD, and JAMES BROWN. (Yes, James Brown was a Famous Flame TOO)…but his BAND MEMBERS were NOT Famous Flames.

  3. PS: Each individual MEMBER of The FAMOUS FLAMES has his OWN Bio Page on Wikipedia. I am including them here:


    2) BOBBY BYRD (Group Founder)


    4) LLOYD “Baby Lloyd” STALLWORTH



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