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  1. Fabulous stuff Paul…all of it..I’m a recording artist / troubadour and heavily influenced by the power of the Delta..I hang out in Clarksdale home to my mentor and teacher Son House..Dick Waterman introduced me to him whilst busking in London 1970 .
    I have your book…love the matter of fact detail…hugely entertaining.
    Just wanted to say Hi n thanks….thought you might be interested …despite existing under the radar as a blues loving slide playing singing songwriter I have earned praises from Knopfler , Clapton..Andy Lowe..Albert King Joe Boyd blah blah.
    Working on my 15 th album now…Kind regards keep up the good work as they say x

    1. Great to hear from you Kevin. You’ve some top guitarists who’ve sung your praises including Albert King, the guy who turned me onto electric blues around 1964. Would you be the KB who left a review on Amazon Books? If so, many thanks. It would be nice to do a post on you at where I can tie it in with your Amazon comment. Many thanks for your great feedback.

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