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  1. The detailed info on King Bolden really got me to thinking….. He was known for his ‘drinking, womanizing and carrying on…’ – Well this likely could have included cocaine, which was prevalent in the black music community at the time.

    Some people have a high sensitivity to the effects of cocaine. This could be were they may not do so much as to garner serious notice – yet they feel a strong high, have a strong counter effect to the stupor from excessive drinking…AND can experience experience induced psychosis. I had a friend whose brother went through a similar thing (much less on the booze, and no musical talent), and he eventually experienced pretty classic schizophrenia. This became semi-permanent, even when he had short periods of abstinence from cocaine. He was treated with Abilify and responded well to it. He also eventually returned to a (mostly) normal mental condition.

    It would be really interesting to see someone research the records at the institution he was held at for 24 years. A whole lot could have been possible in those places too.

    Didn’t someone write a book on Bolden? Maybe some of this is answered there

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