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  1. Ahhh…those were the years Paul, the Happy Days of my life. I was a hit picker for the biggest radio station in my city, Chum, they used to send me a batch of Chum Charts weekly to give to the kids and get their feedback, send it back to the station. I was a radio fanatic, and I could tell upon first listen, which song would hit no.1.
    At a Christmas party for all the hit pickers of all the schools, they gave us 2 albums each. One was the Crystals which I loved, the other, a promo copy of Beatlemania, which I never heard of, so I put it aside and didn’t even play it. At this time, the Beatles were not heard of in Toronto Canada, and probably not in North America for another couple of months. A friend of mine who had just immigrated from Scotland, asked me how the party went, and if they gave us gifts, I replied yea, I got the Crystals and some album called Beatlemania which I haven’t played yet. He said, “What? Beatlemania? They are the greatest thing to hit U.K. ever!” So I finally played it, and since then I wore the damn thing out. Then a couple of months later, the “Invasion” wowwww….those were the days, and to this day, I partly credit the Beatles for my musical career and song writing with the 3 elements that stand out for me, make it SIMPLE, make it BEAUTIFUL, and make it ORIGINAL.

    Thank you for writing this article Paul, it has hit home, it’s part of our lives that we look back at the way we were in our younger years.

  2. What a great story, Evan. Many thanks for your feedback. I don’t think younger people can understand just how the Beatles, Stones etc effected our lives back then. The Crystals, too, were one of the defining groups of the era. How we all loved their big new Spector sound.

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