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  1. “Tommy Johnson even claimed famous Charlie Pattons songs like Pony Blues, above, were originally Henry Sloan compositions.” Hi Paul, is you source for this J.F. Derry, because I asked him for a source and he didn’t come up with one.

  2. I think I came across that quote in a number of sources, including Dr. David Evans who got it from Charlie’s niece. However in America’s Gift I do say the following:

    “As we’ve heard, Tommy Johnson claimed famous Charlie Patton songs, like ‘Pony Blues’, were originally Henry Sloan compositions. As Tommy Johnson was the only person to make such a claim, do we take it face value? Perhaps he was an alcoholic just mouthing off and it was the Canned Heat talking. Perhaps, even, Tommy Johnson was jealous of Patton’s success, since Tommy never recorded again after 1929, being under the mistaken impression that he’d signed away his right to record. (He was probably too drunk to know what had happened.) We’ll never know why Tommy made such a claim.”

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