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  1. Almost every source, and even Eddie Durham biographers say he used a resonator guitar on that 1929 recording of ”Every Day Blues”. The quote you use from Guitar Player; how do you know that he is referring to that recording specifically or not just telling that he did have this experimental electric guitar (but did just not use it to record)?

  2. Backing me up on my 2015 claim that Eddie Durham made the world’s first electric guitar recording is an article for Reverb magazine ( Writing how Durham needed to be heard above Moten’s 11-piece band, David Dann writes.

    “Using a National resonator guitar, Durham found that by holding its metal diaphragm up to a microphone, he could amplify the instrument enough so that he could be heard over the band. But it was awkward having to jump up and come down to the PA mic at the front of the stage whenever it was time for a solo. So he soon rigged up his own mic and a small amp made from an old radio, which meant he could solo right from his seat.”
    David Dann, Gear History, Reverb, May 6, 1921.

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