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  1. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to link
    Marc Bolan’s music to this recording of Milk Cow Blue’s by S.J.E.
    You right PGM, I can definitely hear some strong similarities in
    Marc’ vocal stylings, also that choppy Syncopated Rhythm Sound, Tone. But is ut si Strange all the Top, and Avant Gaurd English Musicians of the day,were studying, gleaning,emulating, drawing from all periods and Styles from Primative right on up to the Electric Blue’s, Robert Johnson, to Buddy Guy.. and everyone in between. I will confess I heard something else, I thought I heard a small sampling of Bob Dylan’s early Coffee House Sound in there, I could be misstaken.. But I don’t think so..

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Dennis. Yes, English musicians were drawing from a whole range of American blues performers from the 50s onwards. Lonnie Donegan, who influenced everyone from the Beatles to Queen, was in the UK charts in 1955 with Lead belly’s Rock Island Line. Another Lead Belly song, Digging My Potatoes, was recorded by Donegan in 1954. (I’ve a great version by Washboard Sam somewhere in these pages.)

      Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Britain’s only true rock & roll band in my opinion, recorded a Muddy Waters track as early as 1960, I think it was. This was before the Stones started recording Muddy. The Stones’ version of Little Red Rooster is still the only true blues number to have topped the UK charts.

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