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  1. WOW Paul that takes me back. Nights at the British Legion you, Sam Spade and the Gravediggers! We even used to join with the band and play instruments to accompany them, you I think were tambourine and I was always maracas! Great days!

    1. Do I remember days at the Legion-I was one of the guitarists in Sam Spade and The Gravediggers-I put the band together and even named them- one of our highlights was auditioning for Larry Parnes at the famous 2is club in Soho-went on to form The Tea Set playing for Reg Calvert then finished with Fagin Quill a mighty 3 piece with our own lightshow-happy days indeed

      1. Great to hear from you, Andy. That was a fabulous band you put together. Unfortunately, I can’t remember The Tea Set but do remember the name Fagin Quill – a template for Cream? Your band mate, Dave Varnish, once kindly put a new engine into my old mini in the 60s, as I was mates with his brother. I also used to write the Advertiser’s music page so knew Jigsaw well and managed blues rock band West Bank Avenue. You must be proud of local bands like Spaceman 3 and Spiritualized keeping Rugby’s musical reputation alive.

  2. Great to hear from Andy Paul, I always wondered what happened to the band after I left Rugby in 1967. I met Geoff Antill (Drummer) when he attended my father’s funeral several years ago. We talked about Sam Spade and the Gravediggers days.

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